Former cop sheds light on political issues

Graham Metzker

Graham Metzker

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Former Long Beach Police Officer and Vietnam Veteran Grant Boyer spoke to a group of young journalists at Long Beach City College today. Although the high school journalists are young, they quickly challenged Boyer on today’s hard-hitting problems.

Grant Boyer

Grant Boyer addresses the high school journalists at LBCC.

When first asked about racial issues in police departments, the former detective alluded to his first years working in Western Long Beach. After working many years in the area, Boyer said he became to feel less like a cop, and more like family with the citizens.

“I took personally any crime that happened there …“ he said on his time there.

It was easy to see from his early work that Boyer would go on to have strong opinions on racial issues and especially those taking place in the midst of police departments.

“If you fail to treat that person as a human being … you destroy the relationship you would ever have with the people … “ Grant Boyer said on the timely issue.

The hardest question for the Vet to answer was on the raving political and racial movement Black Lives Matter; best known as a hashtag on social media outlets, where the movement is at its strongest. Boyer skipped around the question, first noting that he was never accused of being “ … anything but honest and fair…” by citizens and employees. He then began to sympathize for the opposing group, #AllLivesMatter, but avoided siding to heavily with either groups.

The most important impression Grant Boyer made on me was his stance on police brutality and the recent attacks on police, a very timely subject. His reaction was that “No remarks or action of any citizen will ever justify an officer abusing authority… “. Boyer’s strong points will leave impressions on all the young journalists today.

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Former cop sheds light on political issues