Retired police officer, Grant Boyer, thinks “All Lives Matter”

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The “Black Lives Matter” movement has stemmed from the rising anger of the public towards the police. The recent police brutality on the public has been easily shown through social media. Since the development of social media, it has heightened the crisis between the public and police, because of videos being shared all over the world.

“Black lives matter… every race matters, every gender matters, everyone matters,” Grant Boyer, professor of Administration of Justice at Long Beach City College said.

Boyer is an ex Vietnam war veteran and former police officer in Long Beach and worked on the west side for thirty years. After his retirement as an officer, he was on the Citizens Police Complaint Commission for six years. as well, he was a teacher of twelve years at LBCC. Ultimately, from being on both sides he believes that “All Lives Matter”.

“If you treat people (like they don’t matter) you ruin the relationship,” Boyer said.

The relationship between the public and police is deteriorating because of the negative use of social media and that there isn’t a “cop on the block” anymore. Officers are now shying away from acting out because of the impact of social media. the use of social media is now showing the bad cops in society. Now, people who are on social media are the new journalists of the day.

“Journalists have a paramount of importance and the media is critical and crucial,” Boyer said.

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