Chargers and panels: LBCC campus receives an eco-friendly reboot

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Chargers and panels: LBCC campus receives an eco-friendly reboot

By Brianna Rubio, Ricardo Garcia, Evie Der Manouel, and Caitlin Henderson

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As part of a renovation process, Long Beach City College recently placed five charging stations around campus to encourage cleaner commutes to class.

“The solar charging station is used to charge your cars and some students started using them over the summer,” Andrew Kellog, student aide, said. “They were put into place during the last spring semester.”

DC Solar partnered with ChargePoint to create charging stations for electric cars, its goal being to help “commercial, public and retail locations to go green(er) and helps further reduce our carbon footprint,” according to the company’s website. The stations run on half-solar energy and half-diesel fuel.

“The diesel generator is used to generate power and the solar panels are used to absorb sunlight,” said Elder Stefan, student aide and building supervisor. “What makes hybrid solar panels useful is that they are able to store energy for backup emergencies such as a black out.”

“The P building is originally where our newsroom is,” Erin Asis, 20, said. “It’s not normally in the N building. That’s a makeshift one for now.”

Outreach assistant Sean Cully also detailed other campus-wide green initiatives.

These renovations were made possible through Measure E bonds, a tax-funded program that provided the necessary funding.

“In addition to solar panels, we have also installed low-water basins, and we are also recycling any rainwater,” Cully said. “We are continually working to make a greener campus.”

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