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The Invisible Rabbits

The Invisible Rabbits

August 2, 2018

Long Beach City College, home of the Vikings, was once also home to an entire clan of rabbits. The tale of the rabbits has taken on the quality of a myth: while most people seem to have heard of them, almost no one seems to have seen them, despite the fact only a few years ago the campus was overrun by them.

“[People from] the neighborhood used to drop [the rabbits] off,” Elder Stephan Chan, Student Information Specialist, said. This event occurred so often that in 2013, LBCC was forced to put up signs prohibiting rabbit drop-offs on campus.

(Video: Manny Negrete)

The rabbits soon became “a pest problem,” Steven Navarro, LBCC information guide, said. The rabbits left droppings and burrowed holes, and were occasionally killed by campus cats. Their presence became a messy issue which led to their eventual removal. Since, rumors have swirled that they were taken to a pound and neutered. As Chan put it, “bye-bye, bunnies.”

However, the rabbits were not always a problem. In fact, they were popular among students who used the furry critters as stress relievers during finals season. During the peak of this epidemic, an instructor even advocated in their favor and attempted to protect them from removal by administration.

Most of the LBCC community never had the chance to experience the rabbits first-hand. Grecia Iniguez, instructional specialist, only ever heard of them through her fellow faculty members. Likewise, much of the newer faculty and students have only heard of the rabbits from their peers. It’s easy to find people at LBCC who know someone who once saw the rabbits, but there are few that ever saw them in person.


In 2013, an excess population of rabbits prompted signs such as these around campus.

Manny Negrete
In 2013, an excess population of rabbits prompted signs such as these around campus.

The story of the rabbits have taken on a life of its own. Some community members expressed they would like to see a return of the rabbits to campus. “I wouldn’t mind seeing the rabbits again,” Iniguez said.

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