Poll: Do you think the drinking age in the United States is fair?

By Kellie Levine, Jo Farkas, and Joey Cha

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Journalism students in the Newspapers2 workshop asked 25 people on the CSULB campus if they think the drinking age in the United States of 21 is fair.

Here’s what a few of them said:

16 said yes, the drinking age is fair, while 9 said no

Sara Dresser

Sara Dresser: No, I think if the drinking age were lowered people would not binge drink as much and it wouldn’t be as big of a deal to get drunk.

William Boehler

William Boehler: Yes, I respect alcohol. Drinking is great, but it can affect your brain, your brain is still growing. It’s not bad to wait.

Hannah Jackson

Hannah Jackson: No, if you can die for your country you should be able to buy beer. At the same time I get the science behind it to protect your brain, but still, legally, no it’s not fair.

Laura Serrao

Laura Serrao: No, I think it’s too old because you’re already able to in Europe at 18, and some people, when they’re finally able to drink, they go wild and just drink irresponsibly.

Daniel Ramerez


Daniel Ramerez: Yes, I just feel like people are just not mature enough yet at 21, so I think 23 is more where people are more mature for it to be legal for them to drink.

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