The Beauty in Chaos

The life of an artist

By Alexis Rodriguez-Mejia, Elizabeth Alvarado, Neitan Mayorga, and Polina Mogilevsky

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Art is often thought of as a mere hobby for the creatively inclined. Vivadine Delfs, a freshman at Long Beach City College, has decided that art will be her profession.

A lifelong artist, Delfs has created her art through several techniques. An avid doodler, she carries a sketchbook that showcases her work. She often paints, and her most recent endeavor is sculpting, which she attributes to the highly interactive quality of the art form.

“It’s strange, like it remembers,” Delfs said. “It’s conscious, almost.”

An Insight to the Mind of a Sculptor.

Alexis Rodriguez-Mejia
This illustration by Delfs shows an insight to her creative mind.

Delfs finds inspiration in areas that other artists often ignore. As an artist, she exhibits a fascination with existentialism and the abstract. The 18-year-old student cites the work of artists like Alex Grey as inspiration for her own pieces. Her artwork incorporates elements of surrealism and abstract figures.

Despite having a clear inspiration, Delfs has produced art in an assortment of styles. According to the young artist, this variety is particularly visible in her paintings.

  • The Chaotic Beauty
    The Chaotic Beauty. Sculpture displayed in the Art Building. Photo by Alexis Mejia.

“It makes people think,” she said, describing her own art style. “People don’t like to think sometimes.”

Delfs added the aim of her art is generating discussion and evaluation.

Despite her proficiency for art, Delfs has hardly entertained the idea of her work being publicly displayed. Delfs keeps most of her artwork close.

“I’m pretty shy about a lot of my stuff,” she said.

Currently, she is considering showcasing her art at Eco Coffee, a local cafe owned by her family.

Her enrollment at LBCC presents the freshman with new opportunities to refine her work. An art major, Delfs will look to work with art in the future and possibly build a career from her talents.

“My main goal is to make a treehouse and go out in the forest and make art,”  Delfs said while describing her life’s goal.

The Tools of the Trade

Alexis Rodriguez-Mejia
Vivadine Delfs’ shares the tools she uses to express herself through a ceramics class at LBCC.

Although Delfs has experience with different art forms, she remains ambitious and looks for future opportunities.

“I’m gonna try to do some glassblowing to to see how that differs,” Delfs said.

She shows an interest in pursuing animation and has created clay figures that she plans to incorporate in claymation.

As Delfs sits among the art exhibits adorning Building K, she ventures into a new form of creative expression. She is adapting her art style to create larger scale sculptures. One of her projects is a flower pot depicting a kneeling woman with flowers sprouting from her body.

“I can put my dead flower collection to good use in here,” said Delfs.

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