The Life of an Internet Surfer

By Hannnah Woodworth, Alex Reyes, Gabriela Limon, and Berenice Cortez

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The spinning wheel of death pops up. The internet surfer is frustrated and loses interest by the second. Mo Wright, a web designer at Long Beach City College, believes in the benefits of the internet and that no one should be intimidated by technology.

Wright began his career in web design after working night shifts for Activision. There, he focused mainly on designing video games and found his passion for being involved in technology and web design.

“I wanted to find that happy middle to work with something I love,” Wright said. “I was able to help people who struggled to create a web presence.”

Berenice Cortez
Mo Wright, LBCC website manager, remembering his first experience at Activision.

At LBCC, Wright is working to restructure the college’s outdated website.

“My job is to help migrate all the content from the old website to build and create a new site,” Wright said. “We are rewriting content and putting in new imagery.”

Living in a generation dominated by technology, Wright stressed how a well-organized website is necessary for giving students a good first impression of the college.

“A strong website is able to give students the info they need to complete their journey,” Wright said. “It’s all about first impressions and the website is the first impression that schools make on students.” Wright said.

The ultimate goal for this new website is to compel people to click and should be up and running this fall.

Freshman Noriko Shigematsu elaborated on her impression of the LBCC website and its effectiveness.

“It’s very clean and neat and it has a lot of information,” Shigematsu said. “I like how organized it is.”

Summer student Elsie Rodriguez said how the website has supplemented her throughout her studies.

“I use the index on the website to find Powerpoint presentations for my class,” Rodriguez said. “It is very useful.”

When he explained why he came back to work at his alma mater, Wright described how he saw an opportunity to give back to the school that did so much for him.

“This is my chance to contribute to what they’re [LBCC] trying to do here,” Wright said. “I give back so that someone else like me can have the opportunities that I’ve had.”

Wright’s overall goal is to make the internet less scary for everyday people, and through his hard work on the school website, he has succeeded.

“Technology is very daunting, so I want to make people feel comfortable,” Wright said.

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