Long Beach City College: Stepping Stones for Students

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Graduates of Long Beach City College (LBCC) filled the admissions office to acquire their diplomas and begin the next chapter of their lives, all with their own unique memories from their time at the school. Many students — their career paths spanning from liberal arts to computer science — felt their experience at LBCC prepared and helped them find their footing in the real world.

Walking out the front door of the admissions office with a diploma and a smile, 25-year-old Natasha Kaiserman is now a graduate student of LBCC. Kaiserman came from Torrance to study music in Long Beach.

“I thought [the faculty members] were really encouraging…the entire time I was here, people were super supportive and there were always resources for me,” Kaiserman said.

After studying for a few years at LBCC, Kaiserman is now transferring to Chapman University to double major in classical vocal performance and theory and knowledge. Her experience at LBCC gave her the opportunity and guidance to pursue her passion in music.

“It’s exactly what I needed it to be,” Kaiserman said.

Then we interviewed spunky Velmore Beach-artist Vanessa Guzman came to LBCC to enjoy the art community and family-oriented campus.

“It’s pretty small so we all get to know each other,” Guzman said.

Guzman now studies art at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and works three art-related jobs, submerging herself in the rich culture of Southern California while also pursuing her passion. When it comes to her favorite part of LBCC, Guzman gushed about the wonderful professors, specifically how they helped her prepare a portfolio of her work, something she feels immensely prepared her for UCLA.

“The professors here and their recommendations were the major stepping stones [to my goal],” Guzman said.

We also interviewed future California State University, Long Beach student Alejandro Lomeli shared his appreciation for the LBCC faculty for helping him expand his horizons and find his love for criminal justice. One thing about LBCC that stood out to Lomeli were the various social opportunities advertised besides receiving a degree. When he enrolled, Lomeli simply hoped to receive guidance and resources for his future, but he received so much more,

“Outside of the classroom I was involved in student government and ended up getting a job off of that,” Lomeli said.

After studying computer networking and cybersecurity for four years at LBCC, Andrew W. (who did not disclose his last name) successfully graduated and is now a transfer student.

“The faculty is great,” Andrew W. said.

Andrew W. stated that community college is an excellent option to save money and that LBCC is a decent place to study, but he wished that he would have gotten more guidance from the counselors during his time in the school. Now that he is finally settling down into his major, Andrew W. is heading towards his goals.

“The teachers are great, especially…were very helpful,” Andrew W. said.

After the end of another school year, many students of LBCC ended their story and are starting another journey. Even though LBCC fell short in some areas for a few students, one common denominator is the supportive faculty. With the help of the professors and education they received from LBCC, these recent graduates feel confident in their ability to pursue their passion.

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